10 Things To Do in Bangalore With Friends:Weekend Getaways

10 Things To Do in Bangalore With Friends:Weekend Getaways

Things to do in Bangalore: Bangalore/Bengaluru is known for its amazing weather and known for colorful concrete structures, once known as the garden city of India is now too busy to even take a breath peacefully, to have the best experience in bangalore you must be a proper bengalurian! worry not, we are here for you to show you places near you to hang out, unseen places in Bangalore, things to eat in Bangalore, everything you need to know to have the best experience in Bangalore.

Bangalore is the most beautiful place to live in, people in any age can enjoy and have the best experience in Bangalore, we are here not only to show Bangalore tourist places map but also places to hang out in Bangalore, places to visit in Bangalore at night to have best experience in Bangalore and much more.

Top 10+ things to do in Bangalore with friends

  • Ride to Nandi Hills: things to do in bangaloreNandi Hills is one of the best experiences you can have in Bangalore, just an hour or less away ride to Nandi hills, you can enjoy the Sunrise or Sunset of Bangalore at this peak, you are above clouds, it almost feels like heaven, its a wonderful place near Bangalore airport
  • VV Puram Food Street(Khao Galli/Tindi Beedhi):things to do in bangaloreVVpuram food street is one of the best places to hang out in Bangalore, with a variety of foods in the street it makes the best experience in Bangalore, if you are looking for a place to meet and talk with your friends in night, and hungry at the same time this is where you get best places to eat in Bangalore
  • Clubbing in Indira Nagar, Koramangala: things to do in bangaloreBangalore is also known as pub capital of India, if you are looking for things to do in Bangalore at night, nightlife here is the best experience, some iconic places like bob’s bar, Gilly’s,XU are worth trying out, Koramangala and Indira Nagar are two best places in Bangalore for couples.
  • Art Walks in MG Road: mg road is made for artists, graffiti artists, painters, if you want to explore the culture and art in Bangalore, drop innightlife in bangalore a visit to metro art emporium below the metro station of Mahatma Gandhi road.
  • Lalbagh Glass House: things to do in bangaloreLalbagh glasshouse is one of the iconic places in Bangalore to see if you are new, the flower show especially is eye-catching, it is a good place in Bangalore to visit for couples. It is an ancient place
  • Bannerghatta National Park and Safari: things to do in bangalorethis wildlife reserve is one of the best reserves in south India, if you want to get into nature, this is one of the things to do in Bangalore with family or friends, you get to go safari in a jeep or however you wish to, it is one of the best experiences in Bangalore.
  • Shopping at Commercial Street: things to do in bangaloreif you are into shopping and looking for things to do around Bangalore with friends, to have the best experience in Bangalore, head to the commercial street or Gandhi bazar, and find wide range of shopping products, clothes, apparels, fashion accessories, best places to go with your girlfriends, or family to shop in the evening in Bangalore.
  • Camping near Bangalore: things to do near bangaloreLooking for places to visit in Bangalore? but tired of the concrete jungle? best weekend getaway in Bangalore is probably by camping spots in Ramnagara, at Q Mango Forest, you can have Bon-fire and live music, get your mind off the busy schedules and do adventure activities in Bangalore like ziplining, treks, campfire, mud kabbadi, mud volleyball, Barbeque and party with friends in a campfire!
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium: get out the science lover in you, if you are looking for things to do in Bangalore with couples or friends, Planetarium is the place to go to, to have the best experience, and bring out the kid in you.
  • Pyramid Valley Meditation Center:things to do in bangalore Located about 30km away from the city center, Pyramid Valley Meditation center is one of the best places to visit with family in Bangalore, this is a live size artificial pyramid built to meditate, the positive energy inside this pyramid is totally worth the travel, food is provided free every day but minimal entry fee is being collected.
  • Chunchi Falls:things to do in bangalore located around 40Km from Bangalore, you can visit this mesmerizing falls in Bangalore, not something too big to expect but the best experience in Bangalore for couples and friends, not a type of place to go with the family.
  • Chota Ladakh: things to do in bangaloreyes you heard it right, about 80km from Bangalore, in Kolar district, there is this rock quarry, which looks like Leh, not the weather but the landscape, places around Bangalore are beautiful, and this place beats everything because there is nothing like this anywhere.

Tariffs of Resorts in Bangalore


FAQ :Things to Do in Bangalore

You can have fun in Bangalore in various ways,if you are a party person you could go clubbing,or if you want to do camping, you could go to resorts near Bangalore.Bangalore basically is a fun place to live
Couples can do various fun stuff in Bangalore, like camping,go-karting,bowling,shopping or even club hopping.If you are looking for privacy and want to spend some isolated time,camping near bangalore is one of the best things to do in bangalore
Some of the best resorts around Bangalore with adventure activities are: Q Mango Forest,Aura Foot Hills and Guhantara. Q Mango Forest is one of the fun places in Bangalore,it has camping site with various amenities and best part of camping experience in Bangalore is, bon fire and live music away from traffic in Bangalore
Best weekend getaways near Bangalore are probably, Nandi Hills and sunrise view there or maybe camping in outskirts of Bangalore with live music and Barbeque, out of the busy life. Q Mango Forest has best forest stay experience in Bangalore with Well Equipped camping sites.
You can spend 2 days in Bangalore by club-hopping in Koramangala,Indira Nagar or MG Road.There are many things to do in Bangalore like camping near Ramnagara, or Nandi Hills Camping with sunrise view.

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